“Dear Cowgirl” : Letters to Women



A book dedicated to, and for women.


Dear reader,

I am not a writer. I am a songwriter. A “feeler.”

I began the little revolution that became #dearcowgirl when I was 23, as a response to a young women who wrote me a letter via social media.

As a domestic violence and sexual assault survivor, I began speaking out within the western world in a way that was not the norm, and in doing so began a landslide of letters.

Men and women alike wrote me letters, asking questions about healing, pain, coping with life in a post-violence world, and telling me their stories.

There was a lot of hate and anger at first, how DARE I talk about such a thing?

But then, a begrudging understanding and then truth came.

People started to talk. It wasn’t all great, and not every letter hit a “home run,” but if one person got something, even a little something out of a letter – it has done its job.

I have spent many sleepless nights reading, responding and sobbing over the hurt and pain, and the joy and bravery that poured in. I have laughed at the funny moments and danced with joy at the shared triumphs. I have wondered over questions and felt lacking when I did not know what to say.

But in every letter, I tried to share truth about what I felt, and what I saw others feeling. These are just simple, little letters of love- letting you know, that you are not alone.

I realized one hot July day when a message came through, asking what to do – that I had a duty.

Not because I am “all knowing” or just “that wise,” but because experience and life should be shared, with everyone.

The good, the bad and the really ugly. The beautiful, the happy and the slightly chubby.

As women, the reality is that we feel and experience similar life events and struggles, and the knowledge that you are not alone in the things you undergo, think and keep inside is comforting (at least to me!).

This collection of poems is a simple thing.

It is a prayer, it is a love letter, it is a song, and it is raw.

I love each and every set of eyes that will read it, be they male or female, and hope that no matter where you are in your life right now, that you are able to get a small bit of comfort or encouragement from my scribbles.

Dear reader, I do not claim to know it all – but what I know is that you are loved.

You are worth loving, and you are worth speaking up for. I hope this little book serves as a reminder of that.

You are so loved.