“Dear Cowgirl: Letters to Women” Book


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Have you ever felt alone?

Forgotten or not enough for this fast paced world?

If you are sitting there realizing that this is you, Adrian has a reminder for you: you matter.

As a western entertainer and singer, business owner and entrepreneur, Adrian began developing a massive social media following after writing an open letter to a fellow domestic violence survivor entitled “Dear Cowgirl”.
 Today, in this comforting and assuring collection of letters, Adrian reminds her readers of their worth, their purpose, and the unyielding truth that no matter what-they are never alone. With brutal self examination and honesty, Adrian addresses tough topics and shows through her own life experiences that joy and freedom are possible after the storm.
Along the way she rallies her reader through love and encouragement, sometimes saying the tough things no one wants to hear, all the while reminding the reader that they are never alone-and that the woman they want to be is just on the other side of fear.
Dear Cowgirl is a letter, a reminder-that you are never alone. That you matter, and that you are so very loved.
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