Dear Cowgirl….

Dear Cowgirl,

Please be the woman that is always learning.

Please be the woman that chooses to chase happiness and true peace instead of what the world and media say.

Please be the woman that decides to be brave, to heal and loves without fear.

Please be the woman that is able to say when she is wrong and asks others for grace.

Please be the woman that creates something special, something to lift others up and gives back to the community around her.

Please be the woman who understands that life is short and joy is something you must work for.

Please be the woman you always imagined. Stop waiting for a distant day in the future when you’ll be deserving of love.

Stop waiting for her to find meaning, find love or to lose those extra 10 pounds.

Embody her now, allow her to enjoy life now, become her…now.©Adrianbbrannan 💕


ps. The book is back in stoc

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