(In case you couldn’t tell, that is a SCREECH of excitement coming from me)

Today kicks off our new system of a monthly SHOP UPDATE on the website! 

From THIS moment on Friday morning, UNTIL 11:59pm Sunday night ONLY….THE STORE IS IN STOCK! (Next store update is October 25th)

Here is the deal.

All #MakeAmericaCowboyAgain products are IN STOCK (That means kids, hats, hoodies, teeshirts, onesies etc)

Our BRAND new #DearCowgirl roping gloves are back in stock in a limited quantity, AND (happy dance) my book #DearCowgirl is back in limited stock as well! 

There are only 100 copies of the book available, BUT…I’m signing each one by hand this time around. Because, why the heck not? 

Happy shopping y’all, thank you for loving the store so much! 

It makes my heart happy that you get excited about all the goodies on www.buckaroogirl.com, and I ADORE seeing you wearing/using/reading what you get. I’m packing up a hug with each order! 

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