Lets talk…

Lets. Talk.

Streaming VS Downloading. Money. Music.

You know, all the stuff that makes people uncomfortable.

I’ve heard artists be worried about music streaming and all the money we lose when someone doesn’t buy an album outright from iTunes, CD Baby or something like that…and honestly, I agree.

It’s scary. Because if you make your entire living on music, yep. You definitely want to sell CD’s!

This year has been crazy for me and my music. My new album Desert Dwelling Mama hit #5 on the ITunes charts alongside artists like George Strait, Kacey Musgraves and Chris Stapleton. It also charted on TWO Billboard music charts, including top sales – which was, in all honesty….just plain WEIRD.

It felt so odd to see my name on those charts, and to know that there were people all over the country buying, downloading and listening to my music I’ve worked so hard to write and produce. Then the differences between being an artist in this day and age where streaming is possible, instead of the “good ol days” when you bought a record, cassette or CD and went along your merry way (and yes I still own cassettes!).

I made more money off an album someone bought off iTunes, yes. But you know what was more awesome? Hearing from working cowboys and people who love what I’m singing about who wrote, called, messaged and sent smoke signals saying that they related to my music and were supporting it in any way that they could.

Some folks can’t afford the luxury of buying an album, because let’s face it – the blessing of being able to just buy things we want isn’t something a large portion of the world can do…and you know what?

The fact that anyone takes the time to go and stream my music instead MAKES MY DAY.

I want to make music that makes people FEEL something. I want to make music that tugs at your heart, makes you want to go rope calves, get on a bucking horse or hug your daddy. I want to make music you relate to, that makes you want to live your life outloud or take a leap of faith you didn’t think you could take.

It doesn’t matter to me HOW you listen to it, it matters HOW it makes you feel.

I appreciate each and every one of my listeners, thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting my music no matter how you do it, and for taking this crazy trip with me. I feel so blessed to have you in my corner.

Cheers to amazing listeners, nice horses and good music y’all! <3

You can STREAM my music here through the link on Spotify 👇


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  1. I want a Make America Cowboy Again t shirt for guys.I bet you know Juni Fisher,i live where the Sons of the San Jaquein live,i grew up with Steve Sharp also.Love tha dang music mam!

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