Dear Cowgirl…

Dear Cowgirl,

What did you want before the whims of the world infringed upon your God given desires?

What were those wild and outlandish ideas you fell asleep envisioning when you believed in miracles and fast living?

And when, Dear Cowgirl did you decide that they were not dreams worth chasing?


I let those same dreams go easily, and I’m still not completely sure how they slipped through my fingers. But yesterday, under big California skies…they all came rushing back in a flood of memories and sweet sweet promise. And I’m welcoming them back with open arms.

It seems that at different times in our lives, we tell ourselves those hopes and dreams once wished upon are no longer important, nor practical. We leave them by the wayside and look straight ahead, making sure to stay the course in the middle of the road, where it’s safe – dry and easy. 

The problem is,we don’t get to where we’re meant to go without getting off the main road. I’ve bailed off the pavement and into the brush, on a rocky and exciting trail and that unexpected journey has gifted more returns than any “normal” and “easy” drive ever could. 

Dear Cowgirl, I know it seems impractical, I know it may seem frivolous, irresponsible and much much too dangerous…but what if, what if just maybe – those wild dreams were just what you were meant to be chasing? 

Do yourself a favor and head off the main road just once to see what is beyond normal, safe and secure. 

You might find the miracles you misplaced, and they may be just what you were looking for. 💋 

©Adrian Brannan 

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