Monday Morning Giveaway

There are few things I love as much as coffee.

Unless it’s a Monday. I love Monday’s.
Monday’s and coffee.
Can you tell I’ve had a lot of coffee already?

I’m not a great cowboy, but I’m extraordinary at drinking coffee.
I drink it in the morning when I wake up.
I drink it at lunch.
I drink it at night.
When I stay up till 3am writing I drink it.

When patriotic people make coffee I love it even more. Bison Union a company that combines the ideas of those who have fought for our country, those that produce food and substance from our country and all of those that love our country.

I’m damn proud to work with them, and quite frankly, I really actually love their coffee.

And their apparel.

And what they stand for.

From their work with my pals at the WRCA Working Ranch Cowboys Association to their awesome shirts and bad ass attitude – Bison Union is unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

I hope you will check out their website at and give them a follow…

I know you’ll love them as much as I do. 💋

Want to enter the giveaway?!

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