Leave it all + Live your life

Remember when you were a child?

You said that you wanted to see the world.

To meet new people.

To go new places. To explore. To dare.

You wanted to dream. What happened to that dream? And why aren’t you living it?

Is it fear? Is it the unknown? Is it the terror of failure of some kind? Or the opinion of family, friends or a lover? I

’ll never forget the feeling of driving away that first time, vehicle packed down by a leather case filled with too many clothes.

And a wish to see more, be more and understand more of the world around me. To be brave. This year, the road got bigger and the trip is getting better. This trip of life. Because I made a choice, and that choice was a scary one. I made a choice that usually a 24 year old woman would avoid, and that was replacing security for freedom. Priorities that tied me down, for views of the open road that fed my soul. That made me feel alive. That made me feel like every mornings sun was something I couldn’t miss. Because every day was a new adventure.

I left the security of a 9 to 5, sold pretty much everything, stuck a bed and a shelf inside my ford truck camper and headed East. Then West, then North, then South. And now, the road and adventure and the world has got me so turned around in happiness I know I’ll never break free. And I don’t want to. I can never break away from the freedom that I found on the road. I saw the people around me in pain, they were so sad, they lived in sadness and no appreciation for the natural world, their environment or surroundings.

They walked but they didn’t see. I thought, no. I will not be your lab rat in a thankless existence trying to get by from one weekend to the next desperate for another Saturday.

I saw them, every morning as I walked into the office, heads bowed over their cell phones.

They all said the same thing, they said, I “Wish I had.” And I realized that when I wake up and am 80 years old, I didn’t want to say “I wish,” I decided I am going to say I have. I did.


Adventure is out there waiting for you, you just have to be brave enough to to meet it halfway.

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