Failure is awesome

Dear Cowgirl,

Failure, is awesome.
Here’s why.

Over a year ago, I “failed” on national television. With millions of people watching.
It was the best thing that ever happened to me. 

After the show aired, I read paragraph after paragraph online about how I was hated, how awful and ugly and fat and dumb, and entire blogs detailing why I should just go home and kill myself. People even offered to do it for me. Thoughtful right?

I could have let this “loss” define my life, but I decided to take a different road. I decided to take the experience – and turn it into exactly what I needed. I decided what I wanted to take away from that moment, and let it change my life.

I didn’t get a chair turn from The Voice judges….but I got a chair turn from LIFE.

I found my voice.
I found me again.
I asked myself tough questions, like “what do I TRULY want to say to the world? 
Who do I want to BE?”

The answers?

I want women to hear that they are loved.
They are appreciated.
They are heard, they are not alone.
They matter.

I want survivors – both men and women- to know anything in life is possible when you stand back up, face that fear and tell it you appreciate what it has taught you…but it is no longer welcome.

I want YOU to know that joy is right there waiting for you, adventure awaits and your passion could be your future. 

Sure, I didn’t get a chair turn…but I have an independently produced album that hit #5 on the iTunes top 40 chart alongside Chris Stapleton and George Straight,landed on two Billboard music charts and is taking me to places I never imaged. And places I never would have gone if those chairs HAD turned. 
I have purpose, truth, try and JOY.

I ended up getting the WORLD, because I “failed.” 

I hope whatever “failure” you are facing today, that you (yes you!) realize you are destined to make a difference. You may not even know it yet, but your worth is beyond measure. Your purpose is limitless and your life precious.

Stick with us girl, you are so very believed in. © 💋


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  1. You are the real deal. Hypnotizing and entertaining. For someone so young to have so much natural soul and reality in your guitar playing, your lyrics and your voice, I truly enjoy your music. Love your music videos and by the looks of them you’re quite a hand. Keep it up.

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