Dear Cowgirl…


I have this friend. And she just realized the other day that she isn’t happy in life. When I prodded her for more details, it came rushing out in broken words like the Nile River in springtime. She worked so hard for so long to get to this point, and now she doesn’t know what to do since she achieved it. 

The balance is off, the next move is off…everything is off. What to do next? 

1.Take a moment to pat yourself on the back for getting so far. You’re amazing already for sticking with “it” whatever it is…So did you tell yourself good job? Good. Now understand that that is YOUR job. No one else will give you that positive feedback, only you can. Br proud. Move on.

2.Avoid stagnant living. Now is the time when you do something stupid. You hit “rock bottom” and it’s too far outside the boundary. This is when bad stuff happens. You cheat on your wife. You start drinking too much. You buy a Chevy. You know, BAD stuff.

3.Whats next. What is the next goal? The next hurdle? Then next unbeatable challenge? Play in the big leagues here, no messing around. Just GO and DO. 

4.Get outta that rut. Diversity and building something new (IE a business or a dream that should be unattainable). Become an artist or move to Paris or win the Olympics. Something to “push” you.

5.There are going to be problems. Big, beautiful, bad problems that challenge you to your core. Remember just because theres trouble doesn’t mean you chose the wrong dream/pursuit/goal. Problems are just moments that haven’t been taken advantage of. 

Finally Dear Cowgirl, throw out all this nonsense advice and do what your gut tells you. 
Achieve all those dreams. Get bored again, and begin a new journey. The never ending cycle of triumph, tragedy and truth. 

You’re so very believed in. © 💋


2 thoughts on “Dear Cowgirl…”

  1. A friend just told me about your site. How cool! Good work!

    I love this advice. I’m such a believer in following your gut. I tell people often when they’re going through a tough time, don’t follow your heart, don’t follow your head, follow that feeling deep inside you that’s churning and every time you avoid it, it almost hurts. That decision deep down in there, that’s the right one. Once you make it, the weight is lifted and you are off and running!

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