I stopped doing shows in Nevada…

Truth time: I stopped doing shows in Nevada. 

A few years ago, I just kinda quit. I would go to Elko for cowboy poetry, but I sort of ghosted Nevada in this weird way whenever someone would try and book an event there.

You see for so many years, the place I called home for a time became a really difficult region full of bad memories and a lot of triggers. Bad things happened there, and I let those experiences impact the PLACE not the action itself….

Guess what?

Not anymore.

Announcing the first show in Nevada outside of Elko in a long dang time…SEE YOU SOON WINNEMUCCA!

Details below: 👇🏻

WHAT: “Shooting the West” 
WHERE: Winnemucca, Nevada 
WHO: Incredible people like John Langmore, Linda Dufurrena and many more talented folks

What’s happening? 

Friday, April 12th from 5:30-8:00 join us for the “Let’s get Western” vender reception! Rumor has it there will be lots of songs from the new album, possibly some dancing and drinks…

Come have a ball with us, we’d love to have you! 💋


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  1. Adrian, in returning to Nevada I’m glad you chose an event where I could listen to you sing. Sorry we didn’t have occasion to meet but perhaps our paths will cross again. I love your music. Yours, John Langmore

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