A hero named Shirley

Shirley Lucas was sitting in a wheelchair when I got there, tiny and smiling.

If you saw this woman out and about in town you might just think to yourself “what a sweet looking elderly lady!” and then go about your day.

You wouldn’t realize that the 95 year old woman sitting there smiling, is a force of nature, and is going to be your new hero. 

Shirley Lucas and her sister Sharon booked their first trick riding show in 1948 at theLakeside Rodeo followed by the Sheriff’s Rodeo at the Los Angeles Coliseum. They then went on to take the world by storm, riding at the National Western Stock Show in Denver, the Cow Palace, and many more with smiles on their faces and good ponies under them. Shirley and Sharon also did stunt work for the moving pictures, doubling for household names like Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Shirley Jones, Betty Hutton and Grace Kelly…not only that, Shirley told me about how they guided Wrangler on how the fit of their new jeans should be for ladies! 

Shirley was inducted into the Cowgirl Hall of Fame in 2014, and told me about her life, her adventures and her passion for life and I was so struck by the presence of TIME. Shirley is 95 years old and STILL hasn’t slowed down. She attacks life with excitement and JOY. Throwing smiles out to others like confetti. Giving hugs with power and strength behind them, and singing along as we sang songs about joy, cowboy girls and bucking horses. 

I will forever count this as one of the most special meetings I’ve ever encountered, most meaningful, and the biggest surprise blessing I wasn’t ready for. 

Shirley, you’re my hero. 

You’re the woman that made much possible for so many others following in your example. You’re a powerhouse and force of nature, and we can all learn something from your beautiful heart.

Let er’ Buck gals, just spur em in the neck! 💋

Shirley and Sharon Lucas
Shirley and Sharon

Shirley Lucas & I

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