Things I will never understand…

Things I will just never understand:

  1. Why women’s razors and toiletries are given a “pink tax” and are so much more expensive. Seriously, what gives?
  2. Mean people on social media.
  3. Why it’s called your funny bone, when you’re clearly not laughing about hurting your elbow.
  4. Why when a man ties anything down in a truck etc he must say “that’s not going anywhere” while peering at the bazillion ratchet straps ensuring said load success.
  5. Joint pain in our twenties.
  6. Why $100 doesn’t go as far as it used to.
  7. The Kardashian’s.
  8. That Alexa robot thingy that is clearly collecting deep dark family secrets from within the American home.
  9. Tofu.
  10. Non-coffee drinkers.

Bonus number #11. why women’s long sleeve western shirts can’t be made to stay tucked in…remedying this soon.

1 thought on “Things I will never understand…”

  1. I will never ever ever understand the Kardashians. How did they become “a thing”? What is their purpose in life? And I don’t trust an Alexa either. Men always think their tie-down job is the best ever.

    Please don’t hate me: I don’t care for coffee. Can I get a pass if I drink tea? Or Coca Cola?

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