Dear Cowgirl 1.29.19

Dear Cowgirl,

Have you ever taken away your own ability? Your own voice?

I don’t mean LETTING someone else put you down or make you feel like you’re not a success….

I mean YOU. Did you tell yourself that dream was way too big, that it would never happen or that you weren’t capable enough? 

I’ve done that. SO much. Sometimes I find myself saying things to myself that are not encouraging, real or believing. 

Sometimes I find myself silently saying “What if I fail?” “What if I can’t do this or shouldn’t do this?” “What if I am not enough?”

So. Stinking. What. 

So I fail, I stand back up again…& I make the next attempt my winner.
I used to have these dreams about working with certain people or doing things that were so “outlandish” and HUGE that I felt guilty for wanting them. I made my goals small to make it seem safer, nicer, easier.

But life isn’t easy. Goals don’t give themselves up easily, and we’re playing for keeps…aren’t we, Dear Cowgirl? © 💋


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