Hauling water in a bucket…

Things I have learned lately…

1. Re-read Temperance Creek, Last Buckaroo and Horses, Hitches and Rocky Trails this winter. It soothes the soul.

2. Hug your mom and dad again. Tell the people you love how you feel, we’re not promised tomorrow.

3. If you trip and fall while going up a hill with the days water from the river and the bucket lands on you in negative degree weather, you might get a lil chilly.

4. Always have chains. Always. 

5. Black coffee and a pipe can fix a world of woes, but so can turning off your phone and focusing on your family. 

6. Red lipstick counts as a necessity, buy a shade in each state. I got my favorite one in Alaska. 

7. Books over broncs these days.

8. Go to Bodie, don’t ask questions just go…& take the back way in.

9. Learning how to say no is tough, not saying it can be worse. 

10. The planning of a new adventure is so much sweeter when done with someone you love. I never knew that before, but the joy is limitless when done together.

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