Corral Boots, Buffalo & Wyoming

Well folks, apparently you CAN roller skate in a buffalo herd! What fun! We didn’t have a #Buckaroogirlgiveaway this Monday morning because Ive been horseback all day with some AWESOME people shooting for the one and only Corral Boots in Wyoming (a bad ass part of WY too!)

We’re having so much fun, and I’ve learned a few things along the way like…

1. Buffalo robe coats will not only keep all the right things warm, but they hide the winter beer supply you might have been working on…

2. If buffalo make a weird sound and come running after you, it ain’t bluffing. They wanna be buds.

3. Blondes don’t have more fun, women who support each other and are kind do. 

4. My thrift store wardrobe is up to par – my modeling is nowhere near up to par though. I’ve been so in awe of the incredible Ali and her professionalism and skill (watch this girl go big places!)

5. Sharing stories and experiences with those from other parts of the world is one of the most humbling and inspiring experiences a human can have…I have learned a multitude of things from the crew this weekend and am so honored I got to be apart of this shoot.

6. Wyoming is cooler than cool. In fact it’s downright damn cold. 

7. Joy. So much joy. 

8. Ending the day with a hot drink and warm pair of moccasins is heaven…adios! 

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