Dear Cowgirl, the day after Las Vegas….

Dear cowgirl,

Las Vegas is not only on all our lips, but is in every person’s heart it seems.

The horrors, pain and sheer evil has rocked the human race to the core, and in a time of pain – something incredible happened.


A friend, working in Vegas and administering medical care told me that he only saw people helping others in the moments following the violence.

There was no one who stopped before assisting and asked “What is your race? Gender? Religious affiliation?” Humans helped others, people reached out and moved to protect and love each other.

Dear cowgirl, why isn’t every day, a day after Las Vegas?

Why, as humans on this earth for such a short time – do we not treat each other as the most fleeting precious thing, another being just riding on a rocky dirt road on a tough bronc through life?

It takes a moment of horror and unspeakable violence to see this love….but I hope something stays with us.

That feeling of love, no matter what.

I’m going to try and remember to live every day, like the day after Las Vegas. © ♥️

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