Dear Cowgirl 9/19/17

Dear cowgirl,

We can fake a lot of things these days.
Tans, diamonds, hair length (like me!) and more….

One thing you can’t fake? Originality.

You can copy as many talented people as you like – you can remake their work – rephrase it – recolor it – and take new pictures.

But it will never be the same.

Girl, you gotta be YOU. You gotta do YOU.
Find that thing that makes you “tick” and focus every ounce of energy on being the best you can be – originally. The things you produce through imitation will never be as beautiful as they could be if they are from the heart.

People say imitation is the highest form of flattery, but INSPIRATION is, otherwise it can simply be hurtful to the original creator and a half-love of what you made.

Dear cowgirl, we can fake a lot of things nowadays – don’t let yourself be one of them. You are an original. © 💋


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