Dear Cowgirl 9/6/17

Dear cowgirl,

Have you ever looked up at the big beautiful moon, and been so struck by its beauty and epic existence that you ran to get a camera?

You admire the color, the glow and the hugeness, staggering under the weight of its otherworldly over us. You “click” a photo, knowing it will be amazing…..only for a speck to appear.

The pictures turn out to be a black background with a glowing speck, or worse…a white dot.
You know that big beautiful moon is something incredible to see, but the lens just cannot capture it.

Dear cowgirl, this is how others can see us.
You can be the biggest brightest most beautiful thing, and someone still won’t be able to view anything through their lens. You can try and try, but at the end of the day, others might not be able to see you as you really are.

Be fearlessly authentic, and realize that not everyone is going to be on board with it – and that is okay…it doesn’t make your shine, brilliance and presence any less incredible.©💋


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