Spur 90 outta life…

I remember the first time I saw the picture.
She was so tiny, little high-heeled boots and leather fringe swinging everywhere.
I thought to myself, wow. I want to be her.
I don’t necessarily even want to be like her as a BRONC RIDER ( I mean come on, I kinda sucked) But I want to be like her in LIFE.
I want to attack the world like the lady bronc riders of the old west.
100 percent.
I want to climb down on the back of whatever scares me the most in the world, and ride it out of a wooden chute going 160 miles an hour.
I want to lift on the rein of life and spur the hell out of my troubles.
I want to score 90 in how I love.
I want the crowd to cheer for my victory lap around the area because I never gave up on the bronc that is life – don’t you?
I don’t care if you’ve never even worn a pair of boots – don’t you want to be THAT girl?
The one who is scared, but makes the ride anyway?
The one that faces challenges with a smile?
I want to live like that first picture I saw, at 9 years old.
Tad Lucas, riding the hell out of a bucking horse. Like her life depended on it.
I want to live life like that picture.
Wild, all-out, whipping and spurring.
Giving life 100 percent, and in the end knowing that the ride was worth it.
Don’t you? 💋

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