I drive off the forest road
Poor truck
I beat it to hell
But at least the oil is changed
Whenever people ask how I find places to camp
I laugh
The spots find me
I never look anymore
I just come upon them

Tonight’s camp is on a mountain top
The wind blows and giggles at me
I make a smudge fire
And drink a beer
dirty fingers fill my pipe
And light the smoke flavor

The bugs are so bad they get in my hair
Ears and eyes
Dying as I spray myself with the bottle of bug spray
a pair of hitchhikers left in my truck last month (thank god for it)
I silently thank boxcar johnny and his girl Haylee
A simple forgotten gift
that has meant so much

A coyote trots across the hill
below me
Looking curiously as I dance
and swat at mosquitoes
I laugh a little
Then park the camper
where the smoke
Will blow directly into the space
Die you lil buggers

A bath in the morning
Screaming with the run off
Of glacier cold water
Running off goosebumps on goosebumps
I jump and rub
Scrub my hair
Until my scalp feels raw
And finally feel clean
A couple of folks in a boat zoom up
I don’t even stir
Who cares
I’m in a sun dog
They leave
I laugh

Awash with life
And love
And joy

Bear grease rubbed into cold skin
And hair parted
Brushed and braided
I lie in the sun
And just am
My body takes on the warmth
And then the rocks below me do
And I fall asleep with a cool wind blowing
And a sidearm beside me
What a drive
What a time
What a life ✌🏻

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