Dear Cowgirl…

Dear cowgirl,

Tell me something.

What happens when you wake up one day and you’re 70 years old and you never left?

What happens when you never skinny-dipped in mountain pools because you weren’t comfortable with how your tummy looked, or never wrote that book because you didn’t have “anything” to say?

What happens when you never told him or her you are in love with the fire in their soul regardless of what others thought?

What happens when you never sold off what didn’t matter, and pushed off for that adventure calling your name?

What are you left with when you have tried to please everyone except your own wild soul?

Regret. You are left with regret.

Dear cowgirl,
Please take the chance.
Dance under the stars.
“Drink the wild air
Swim in the chaotic sea.
Howl from mountain tops.
Ride without fear.

Be the woman you always have longed to be, and arrive at old age breathless and with a thousand years worth of stories to tell. © 💋

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