Dear Cowgirl

Dear cowgirl,

Not everyone is going to be on your side.
Not everyone is going to like you, your message, your attitude or your plans.

Guess what?

That’s totally okay. Actually, scratch that…it’s AWESOME.

The beauty of this world is that no two of us are alike. We don’t need to all be the same, have the same goals, dreams and aspirations. We don’t need to all believe in the same things, adhere to the same rules, or follow the same guidelines.

And isn’t that a wonderful thing?

I see firsthand how so many women feel the pressure of what everyone else is doing, and just “go with the flow” instead of doing what they truly want, believe or actually feel.

Folks will make you feel like you’re not enough by pointing out things about YOU – that bother them about THEM.

“You wear too much make-up for a cowgirl!”

“You’re too masculine for a girl!”

“Don’t do that, it’s not ladylike!”

“Don’t act like that, it will intimidate people!”

Heard anything like that before? Yeah. Thought so. Me too.

Aren’t we always just “too much” for someone? I love being “too much” for folks, it means I am being “just enough” for myself.

Do me favor please dear cowgirl, and don’t give in. Don’t listen to them.
I wore false eyelashes to ride Broncs and painted nails to fix fence. I don’t care if that makes me less of what someone thinks of as a cowboy-girl. I am me, I am unique…& so are you!

No matter what your “THING” is, don’t let anyone change you. Don’t let the world change your perfection…that is what makes you YOU! Celebrate it! Embrace it, and ROCK it.

Have a thick skin, but maintain a softness that means you care.

A strong backbone, but don’t forget to bend when YOU are not at stake.

A sense of self worth and love.

No matter what. You matter, whether you be hippie-hunter-cowgirl-congresswoman-CEO or stay at home mom.

Be unique, love your quirks and embrace the “you’ness” of you.

Don’t trade in your authenticity for approval. © 💋


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  1. I needed to hear these words so much today. You have absolutely no idea how much this article meant to me .
    Thank you for being amazing!

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