Branding Pen of my Father…

I know that there is the LIVE version of “Branding Pen of my Father/ What Will I tell Him” with Waddie up on YouTube, and it has already had around 30,000 views (HOLY COW)…. But this is still one of my favorite because of all the fun branding memories captured on film.

I hope you all enjoy this video, because this song/poem is so special to me. I wrote it with my dad, who I admire more than anything in the world, and get to combine and perform it with my mentor and one of my best friend’s, Waddie Mitchell.
These two men have done so much for me, and I feel really blessed to be able to share something like this with them.

It’s one of my favorites, and I hope it’s yours as well.

Credit and appreciation goes to:

Waddie Mitchell
The Dunlap family
The Dennis Family
The Smith Family
Alison Brannan (for a lot of the rockin footage, and not leaking the pictures of me missing shots!)

Enjoy, share all you like – ask questions-and cherish the time you have with family in the branding pen.
They are some of the most precious memories we have.

Check out the video on myYouTube channel or find the song on iTunes and CD Baby.


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