Dear Cowgirl…




Dear cowgirl,


The biggest crime in America is that they’ve pulled all the shop classes out of school. Have you noticed how kids today don’t dream about building something…they dream about buying something?


Teach your sons and daughters to work with their hands.


To put down the remote and build a model.


That a trade and “blue collar” work is an honorable and beautiful thing. Not everyone is made to spend their life in an office.


Teach your children to cherish a piece of dirt, something to be theirs. To caretake. To protect.


Teach them about early mornings and late nights, rough hands and tired backs.


Teach them about the satisfaction of caring for animals before themselves, that money isn’t everything and a day in the wild is something that cannot be bought.


Dear cowgirl, teach your children that there is so more to life than just paying bills and dying.


Teach them to LIVE. ©



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