Dear Cowgirl….

“You wear too much makeup for a cowgirl!”

“You are too masculine, be more girly!”

“What do you mean you are JUST a ranch wife and stay at home mom? Don’t you work?”

“Don’t do that! It’s not ladylike!”

“Don’t do that! It’s too confident you’ll intimidate people!”

Hey cowgirl, ever had any of the above said to you?

I always hear it, and you know what?
Where it used to bother me-now it makes me giggle.

Because guess what?

It doesn’t matter.

Plain and simple, don’t laugh to yourself-you know you change things you love about yourself sometimes to suit others. It’s not evil, it’s human nature…& as women – we just are a lot more likely to cave.

Please do me a favor though, ok?

Don’t cave.

I wore false eyelashes to ride Broncs and painted nails to fix fence. I don’t care if that makes me less of what someone thinks of as a cowboy-girl. I am me, I am unique…& so are you!

No matter what your “THING” is, don’t let anyone change you. Don’t let the world change your perfection…that is what makes you YOU! Celebrate it! Embrace it, and ROCK it.

Have a thick skin, but maintain a softness that means you care.

A strong backbone, but don’t forget to bend when YOU are not at stake.

A sense of self worth and love.

No matter what. You matter, whether you be hippie-hunter-cowgirl-congresswoman-CEO or stay at home mom.

Be unique, love your quirks and embrace the “you’ness” of you.
Don’t trade in your authenticity for approval. ©


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