Dear Cowgirl…

Dear cowgirl,

White lilies don’t grow on stalks of clover.
If someone doesn’t like the real YOU, let them go.

(Yes that’s a Little Jimmie Dickens reference!)

People will laugh.
They will make up things.
They will lie about you.
They will say your dreams are crazy.
They will tell you success is not possible.

And then they will use your ideas.
And begin to check in on you.
And begin to begrudgingly admire that you never quit.

Dear cowgirl, use them.
Use these voices.
Use the hate.
Use the words.
Utilize it as fuel..

Then go out today, and make every single damn dream or aspiration come true.

I challenge you!
Do ten things today that will get you closer to your dream…
There is at least one voice, one person right here – who knows you can do it.

Dear cowgirl, don’t you dare give up.©



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