Dear Cowgirl…

Dear young cowgirl,

It is ok to still be a little girl.
To play and ride and giggle until you are tired.
It is ok to be a tomboy or as girly as you like.
To stay away from boys and make your horse run more than behave sometimes.
Young cowgirl, you are only young once.
You do not need to cover sweet freckles in make up or curl perfectly wild hair.

There will be time later on, time for boys, for make up, for bills, for serious things and for being a grown up.

But for now, don’t let the world tell you to be a woman before you’ve had a chance to be a girl.

Have fun, be silly, get dirty, and tired and hungry and wild.

Ride calves up at brandings and sing loudly when you’re trailing cows.

Be you, be young, be a cowGIRL first.
You’ve got time, promise.

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