Dear Cowgirl…

Dear cowgirl,

Yes you, the girl reading this who is more comfortable in boots and jeans than a dress and heels.

You’re still wondering if I’m talking to you aren’t you?

Well I am.

You’re the girl who would rather be outdoors than in a shopping mall.

The girl who would probably rather have a beer and a BBQ than go clubbing.

The girl who turns on a truck and drives down dirt roads instead of taking the subway.

The girl that saddles a horse, gets on a tractor or puts on her boots for her work week.

The girl that doesn’t have perfectly manicured nails, but a smile on a sunburnt face.

Yes you.

Society shows us pictures of what we are “supposed” to be everyday as women.

But here’s a lil reminder for you, if you are needing it…. You are perfect the way you are.

If dirt and sweat are more common to you than heels and diamonds… Girl, you’re beautiful in a way no one else has.

Just because you’re a cowgirl, farmer, horse lover, rodeo gal, ranch wife, farrier, full time cowboy, or just plain outdoors-woman….doesn’t mean you’re any less cause you don’t rock wall-street in a pair of heels.

It makes you beautiful in your own unique way that no one else has.

Don’t let anyone tell you differently.

Happy Tuesday beautiful girl, let’s go get this work week… Whatever way that means to you!




2 thoughts on “Dear Cowgirl…”

  1. This is the type of real woman that I picture, when I hear the words, “Day Cowboy”, “Buckaroo”, or “Rancher”,
    if that person happens to be a female. We didn’t gather steers or pairs, sometimes during 100 degree heat, or fierce rainstorms, across the top of mountains & through valleys, wearing our sterling silver squash blossom necklaces, or tailored, gold brocade with braided trimmed bolo jackets, or boots with fancy inlays or embroidery! Working attire was usually more like a pair of well-worn chinks or chaps, working or tall-top boots, a Carhartt jacket or maybe a waxed duster or a slicker. We didn’t get home with a still-neat braid, that looked like we’d left with in the morning either! The perfectly coiffed, women, wearing fitted fancy tops, (unbuttoned 1/2 way down), perfect, adorned, high-heeled boots that shine like glass, that are only removed to b

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