An open letter from a DV survivor




To the gentleman who implied I was teaching the school children yesterday that they had to wear lots of make up like I do to be pretty – this letter is not for you.

It is for the kids, because you have a great point. A fantastic point actually. I agree!

My pink lipstick is not there because I feel that my true lip color is inadequate. I began wearing it after an abusive boyfriend left a scar on my lip – I am self conscious about it.

3rd and 4th graders do not need to know this or see the scar.

I fill in my eyebrows because my hair has only now looked “full” without make up after a phone book to the side of my head and then a nightstand left a scar through the hair, call me weird – I thought it looked funny.

I wear concealer under my eyes because I sleep about an hour and half to two hours at night because of PTSD and being terrified of the night and dark.

Sir, I do not wear make up because I believe I am not beautiful.

I wear make up because I am strong enough to move on from my past and feel like a woman again. To feel beautiful and confident, whether I am wearing make up or not.

This is me without makeup.

Kids, you are beautiful, handsome and perfect just the way you are.

I just don’t think you’re old enough to hear the real reason behind my makeup a lot of the time yet.

You’ve still got a lot of growing up to do.


A barefaced girl.


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