Easy hat hairstyles for cowgirls

Hey there girls…

I know for those of us who aren’t in Hollywood with a full time make-up crew and fans to make our hair look perfect while horseback…what to DO with all that hair under our favorite hat can be a major challenge!

Here are a few easy ideas for how to style your lovely locks under a lid, all you need is a quality hair tie that won’t hurt your mane, and some bobbie pins!

IMG_4179 IMG_4196

The “side bun”

Simply pull your hair into a side ponytail, and wrap around the base, holding with one hand pin with the other until secure. Messy and fun!

IMG_4205 IMG_4214 IMG_4217 IMG_4219

The “vintage”

I love this look, I am in LOVE with the 40’s, so I started wearing my hair like the gals in the “old days” under my hat…this was ONE of the results!

Take your hair and begin rolling it OVER your hand, so that the tail of your hair is going into a rollover the top of your hand. Pin, pull…and GO!


The messy braid.

Braid it. Pull it. Pin it.

Who cares about the hairstyle? You get to be horseback!


AB <3

All hats shown built by custom hat maker KJ Murphy from Santa Ynez CA.

Check out his awesome work at www.KJmurphys.com

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