Q & A | Women in ranching | Favorite make-up brands | Goals for 2016 | Buckaroogirl

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Can we get this video to 10,000 likes!!!!??

A new kind of video for 2016…who is excited?! I am! This is the start of some different styles of videos I’ll be filming through the year, if you guys want a make-up and hair video give this one a thumbs up and let me know in the comment section below!

Link to my sister Lizzie’s Instagram: www.instagram.com/brannan_liz/

Link to instructional videos: http://eclectic-horseman.com/mercantile/
My shirt is from Envie Boutique in Visalia CA, here is a link to their site! http://www.envieonline.net/boutique/

My hair extsentions are done by Jodi Hull at Michael Kelly Salon in Ventura, California.



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OLD TIME VAQUERO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJGm9sYKa0U
DAMNED RODEO MEN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_RI1cQbQXWc

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